About Us

We know you’ve tried everything. 

You are not alone.

We know this process has been made to look quick and easy.  We know it has left you feeling defeated and hopeless in the wake of multiple diet failures.  It’s time for real help.

We know you are coming to us because you don’t just want to lose weight, stop dieting and binging, you want to STAY STOPPED. You want to be IN your life, not waiting for it to start while you battle your food demons in silence.  You want to stay stopped so that you can FINALLY  focus on the beautiful life in front of you.

The Beacon doesn’t simply help solve your food and binging issues (although we WILL help you solve them and that is pretty amazing in itself, right?). We will also help to guide you towards a big beautiful life, free from the suffocation that being obsessed and consumed with this problem has caused you. That’s our commitment to you at The Beacon.

Our process is not for those who simply want it or need it, it’s for those who are willing to be brave enough to DO it.  This is a process of untangling old belief patterns, rewiring your brain, and teaching you the commitment needed to get you the life you want.  Focusing on your solution is all we do.  And it WORKS.

 “I needed help that was customized to me, and would ease me in to changing my life and approach to overeating.”


We will help you find your success in three steps:

  1. BEHAVIORS: It’s about much more than the food. Evidence based science teaches us that a greater focus of your treatment needs to be placed on the behaviors and negative thinking patterns that have likely been the cause of your ongoing struggles with weight loss and the barrier to your success.
  2. COACHING:  Behavioral Coaches support and guide you through making the changes you need to get what you want.  They will keep you on track, motivated, and be with you every step of your journey.  Coaches provide in-person sessions and are also available in real time outside of session when you need extra guidance and support.
  3. AND YES, THE FOOD: We will address the food you are eating, the food that you love, and the food you don’t want to give up. We will work with you to create a meal plan that suits your needs and you can follow with ease.

Today I am living free of self-hate, shame, and anxiety over all of this. Although I had been a binge eater for 20 years, I no longer binge on food. Beacon has taught me a way of life.”

We know you want this more than anything. We know that every single attempt you make to diet and “control” your out-of-control eating is an honest one. You just don’t know how. As our favorite spiritual scientist Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Let us give you the help you deserve.

The Beacon’s programs are customized to fit your individual needs, whether you are struggling with just making good choices to lose a few pounds or if you are struggling with morbid obesity.  We offer a range of services from 30-minute individual sessions to Intensive Outpatient Treatment (four to five days a week), and everything in between.

At Beacon we treat the full spectrum of issues. From difficulty maintaining long-term weight control to disordered eating and food addiction to morbid obesity:

  • Tired of yo-yo dieting and want a permanent solution? We can help.
  • Struggle with eating “the wrong foods” and too much of them? We can help.
  • Feel a sense of shame about how you behave around food? We can help.
  • Identify as having Binge Eating Disorder, Food Addiction, or as a compulsive overeater? We can help.
  • Don’t identify as any of that and just want to lose weight and keep it off for good? We can help.